My name is A. Elliott and I am 36 years of age and this is my testimonial.

Due to the birthing style at which I was delivered, I was born with my right hip out of the socket which also caused my spine to curve forming an “S” shape (scoliosis). As a child, my family had to keep a close eye on me because during play time if I moved the wrong way my hip would slip out of the socket. It was no biggie; I just saw it as a way of life. Luckily I remained an active kid and during all of my school age I participated in sports. I say luckily because I was advised later in life by the doctors that these activities were why I was able to walk correctly and was also why the scoliosis never really affected me. At the age of 19, due to genetics, I suddenly developed rheumatoid arthritis in all joints. This caused me to give up my running/jogging and change my lifestyle completely. For awhile I didn’t think I’d be able to do very much normally, I even had to take a medical discharge from the military because of this issue. At this point, I was already seeing a regular chiropractor and was advised by my rheumatologist that this would also assist with dealing with the joint pain and I had a family member who was able to point me in the right direction of the foods and vitamin supplements to eat to jump start my own defenses.

All of that happened in Texas, I moved to Atlanta GA in 2004 and once the benefits kicked in, the one thing I HAD to find was not just a good chiropractor but one whose ideals matched the lifestyle I was already accustomed to. I was attending an open house of one of the local hotels that our company uses and there were several vendors present from the area. One of those vendors was Dr. Bianca Kiovanni. At this time she was practicing at a different clinic. I got a chance to sit down and briefly talk to her about my history and she advised me of some additional vitamin supplements that would help me as well as the adjustments. Right away I felt this would be the physician I would put my faith into.

I’ve been a patient for approximately 4 years now and have continued to live a full, active life; with Dr. Kiovanni’s help, I’ve figured out the safe, modified exercises to keep me in shape. And thank God for flex spending because I have to go on a regular basis.

People don’t really realize how important a chiropractor is for our bodies. As we move around doing daily activities, our skeletal frame slightly moves out of alignment. You notice a headache here, a pain there and that’s your body signaling you that it is out of alignment.

So if you’re looking for a forward thinking, warm and caring medical professional, Dr. Kiovanni is your lady and Advanced Integrated Healthcare should be your next stop.

Oh and did I mention the 30 minute massages that are included as a part of your treatment program? Heavenly!

For the past few years, no only has my health improved but so has my knowledge and attitude about chiropractic care. From getting my “power turned on” (that would be, Adjustments) to better understanding the importance of reading food and beverage labels, eating healthy (nutritional content, in the proper order, portions, etc.) to spreading what I’ve learned about my own health to those I care about, Dr. Kiovanni has my motivation to eat, live, and BE HEALTHY.

I was told several years ago that the biggest compliment you can pay someone is a referral. That’s why I not only keep Dr. Kiovanni’s cards readily available, but I passed them out.

She rocks, and so does her practice!!

Thank you, Dr. K

– D. Branch

Dr. Kiovanni has been a blessing to the entire Lima family for the past two years! She has helped my youngest son become healthier with his allergy issues, my eldest son with his kidney health preventing him from having unnecessary surgery, my daughter with her hormonal imbalance, and my husband and I with our chiropractic health. She continues to be a welcome and refreshing part of my family’s health and I will surely bring my twin granddaughter to se her when they arrive in a few months! Thanks Dr. Kiovanni for your dedication and love for me and my family!

– L. Lima

I came in for a bad lower back that had hurt as long as I could remember. I had no prior care. The adjustments were great and I also had cold laser therapy for vertigo which took it away completely. I immediately noticed less pain after my first adjustment. I felt like I could take in deep breaths for the first time in a long time. The pain in my back has improved so much since starting care, and I didn’t know how much pain I was in until I began to have some relief. I didn’t really have any expectations coming in, but the relief I’ve has since starting care has been far and beyond what I ever imagined it could be. The care I’ve received at the office has been really wonderful. They truly care about what I’m going through and what they can do to make me better.

– Jade V.

A few years ago (2005), my husband and I were in a car accident that left my neck severely in pain. Dr. Kiovanni took x-rays immediately and started me on a regimen of adjustments and massage. After I healed, I began regular visits with Dr. Kiovanni to keep my spine in line. She always makes me feel better and provides tips I can incorporate into my daily routine.

Thanks, Dr. K!

– Sydney P.

One of the most valuable things that we have in life is the ability to be educated. Dr. Kiovanni has done nothing but educate me since I’ve met her. As an advocate of holistic health care alternatives, I am a believer that if you give the body what it needs-naturally-it will do what it s naturally supposed to do-heal itself. I was unaware that clotting during menstruation was abnormal. With just a few adjustments, I have had virtually NO clotting and very minimal cramping. It is the first time in YEARS that I’ve not had severe cramps whatsoever.

Thank you, Dr. Kiovanni.

– Anonymous

I first met Dr. Bianca Kiovanni at the beginning of 2007. I came to the office with the aid of a walker. I used it for over 2 years, couldn’t do much without it, and the orthopedic doctor determined it was just months for a wheel chair. That very first visit, I walked home by myself. With their instructions, treatment, and advice I’ve been able to keep improving. For almost a year, I had no relapse. A few months ago, I started with cramps in my legs, my daughter and grandchildren, right away, said “Call Dr. “B”!!. She saw me the next day and set me back on great track. I’ve been blessed with their attention, courtesy and concern. I don’t mind the distance from my house, since I know I’ll be taken care with love and commitment.

Thank you, Dr. B.

– Ivette G.

Before Dr. Kiovanni, I was getting so many migraine headaches it was causing me to miss work. I had tried chiropractic care in the past but “Nothing or No One” had taken the time to explain why I was getting the headaches and why I was having such horrible PMS symptoms. She took the time to get to know me and about my health situation. I have not “Quit” my job in 4 months and have had no need to repeat my stretching.

– Laura R.

I have been receiving chiropractic care from Dr. Kiovanni for about 7 years after experiencing lower pain and wrist/forearm pain from golf, travel and computer use. She tailored specific treatment for my issues, and I have definitely seen results through consistent visits. Dr. Kiovanni is a true professional who is very compassionate and knowledgeable. She is interested in my overall health, and I feel comfortable talking with her about various health topics. She recommended natural vitamin supplements which I regularly take. My primary care physician said I was one of the few patients she has seen with excellent Vitamin D levels. She also introduced me to massage therapy which is also been invaluable in keeping my muscles feeling good.

I did not realize what a difference seeing a chiropractor can make in my overall quality of life. I am able to do my work, travel and exercise regularly pain free! She approaches her patients with such a personal touch that I enjoy visiting her and her staff.

– Karen P.